What is Torticollis?

Torticollis is the tightening of the neck muscle on one side. This causes the head to turn or tilt to the other side. This happenes because the baby holds the head to one side. This can cause the head to flatten on one side. It becomes hard for the baby to look to the other side. This problem is called torticollis.


What causes Torticollis?

The cause can be from the way the baby was lying in your uterus during pregnancy. It can also be from the trauma of delivery.
If the torticollis develops after birth it can be from the following:

  • positioning of the baby on one side too ofter
  • always lying on back
  • no tummy time


How do I know if my baby has Torticollis?

Torticollis will cause the baby to always look to one side. The baby may also tilt their head. This condition usually gets worse over time if nothing is done.
Your baby may not want to do the following:

  • turn head to eat on one side
  • will not look to one side
  • always sleep with head to the same side

How is Torticollis treated?

Once your baby is diagnosed with torticollis, the pediatrician will decide what to do. They may wait and give you stretches to do or send the baby for therapy.


How can Physical/Occupational therapy help my baby?

A therapist is a person who helps you to put the baby in positions that will help stretch the baby's neck. They can help the baby learn to turn his or her head to each side. They can also help prevent the head from getting flat on one side.
The following techniques will be used:

  • stretching the neck
  • teaching positions for baby to rest in
  • massage neck muscles
  • exercises to strengthen neck muscles

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